GUI Java WOL Project.

Version : 1.2

Date : 1 Sept 2009

Author: Ferret Renaud

URL : here

1 - Aim of this project

Use a Wake On Lan interface in order to wake up network devices such as computer or NAS.

2 - Launch

Before starting

This software need a Java virtual machine installed on your computer.

The minimal version needed is 5.

In order to download a Java VM you can go to here.

If you want to check the current version running on your system, simply open a console window and type:

java -version

If you get no answer then you have no Java, if the version is bellow 1.5 then you've an inappropriate version of Java for this software.

At last, starting

Simply double click on start.bat (for windows) or (for unix).

Under Unix

Using the console mode

This is possible since version 1.2 only.

It allows you to ping or WOL a device (or many devices) without starting the GUI.

Basic command line is: java -cp GuiWakeOnLan.jar wol.WakeOnLanConsol -F:xxx -D:{MAC/MASK/IP} -A:zzz -V

Where options are (caution upper/lower cases, order has no meaning):


3 - Saving / Loading

3.1 - Saving

Using the gui, every thing is saved automatically when you quit the software.

All your information will be saved in the networkdevice.ini file. It will contain all your network devices.

This file can be used by console mode (since 1.2).

You may also notice a log file that will grow if warning/error occurred.

3.2 - Loading

The software will automatically load the networkdevice.ini file at startup.

4 - Known bug or issues

4.1 - Use of ping is slow

Yes I know, I am using Java Ping system.

Note that since v1.1 the timeout used should be more efficient.

4.2 - Awake says all is fine but my network device did not start

Software cannot tell if your network device went on or not, it will only tell that packet is gone.

Most of the time if your network device does not start it is because:

4.3 - Log file shows only error when using console mode

This is not a bug, if you want to see more information in log file you need to change the log configuration.

A basic change is to replace log4j.rootLogger=WARN, localFile that is at the beginning of the file by log4j.rootLogger=INFO, localFile.

For more complex change you can read the Log4j project site.

5 - Historic